Homeowner, Wife Use 2nd Amendment To Protect Daughter

Weasel Zippers has a story from St. Louis where a husband and wife observed a couple of gunmen holding a gun to their daughter’s head. While the gunmen were walking the daughter up to the house, the husband and wife retrieved their own guns. When the gunmen entered the house, the couple opened fire, killing one and wounding the other. Both men had extensive criminal records. The St. Louis Post Dispatch has the details.

Another classic case of where armed homeowners were the first and last line of defense. There would have been no time to call 911 and expect help to arrive in time. It was kill or be killed and the homeowners took the proper course of action. Of course, since one of the gunmen survived, that means the homeowners need a bit more range time.

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Female Homeowner Defends Against Intruder

This Ain’t Hell has a story from Phoenix of a female homeowner who heard someone breaking into her home. She called 911, but that did not scare away the intruder. He entered the home and chased her around the home. He finally cornered her into the bathroom where he physically attacked her. Fortunately, she was armed. CBS5 has the details.

Here is another case where 911 is just too slow. Had she not been armed, her life may very well have ended. This is not a knock against the Police, but they can’t be everywhere all the time. When seconds count, 911 is minutes away. But a bullet can hit its target in milliseconds.

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Female Homeowner Protects Self and Niece With 2nd Amendment

Weasel Zippers alerts us to a story from Alabama where a female heard a knock on her door. The person knocking claimed his car had broken down and was needing assistance. He forced his way in and was armed with a knife. The home owner was armed with a gun. WSFA 12 has the details.

Here is another case of someone using violence to enter the home. I highly doubt the reason for the knife was to make a peanut butter sandwich. Had the homeowner not been armed, the intruder probably would not be the one dead.

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Detroit In The Cross-Hairs

I mentioned in the previous post that there seems to be a rise in defensive use of fire arms in Detroit. Well, those aren’t my exact words, but that was my thought. I also thought that perhaps it was just because I live in the Detroit area that I am hypersensitive to the issue. But then, I came across this just a couple minutes ago.

An article in the Detroit News comments on the exact same thing. Here is the money line from the article: “Detroit Police Chief James Craig said at a press conference last week that in his 37-year career, he’s never seen as many homeowners defending themselves by shooting intruders.”

So, it seems as though my initial thinking is correct. While I applaud homeowners for fighting back, I find it worrisome. My question is; is it that more homeowners are defending themselves with the 2nd Amendment, or is it that there are more home invasions? Regardless of the answer, my personal advice to homeowners is to make sure you take classes on the proper use of firearms. We don’t want you hurting yourselves or innocents. Also, don’t go running down the street firing after thugs. And don’t follow Vice-President Biden’s advice and fire in the air or ground. Those projectiles are going to go somewhere. Only fire what you are aiming at, and make sure you know where you are aiming. Range time is critical as well, so you will hit where you aim. But all of that should come out in the classes.

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Homeowner Defends Self With 2nd Amendment

Another This Ain’t Hell lead, and another Detroit story. Detroit seems to be becoming a war zone.

A 54 yr old homeowner awoke to the sound of someone breaking into her home. This was the 8th time her home was broken into. She warned the intruder she would shoot him if he continued. He continued and she was true to her word. ClickonDetroit.com as the details.

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Armed Patron Protects Home Depot

Another story from the Detroit area. This one is a bit strange. Security at Home Depot attempts to apprehend a shoplifter. The shoplifter pulls out one or more syringes and begins stabbing security. A patron, who happens to have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, pulls his weapon and the guy complied. One security guard was stabbed with the needle, and who know what it was contaminated with. Our friends at This Ain’t Hell as the story.

Here is another example of where an ordinary citizen, properly armed, was able to defuse a hostile and dangerous situation.

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Homeowner Protects Self Against Intruders

Another story from Detroit. We are getting a lot of these in my backyard. A home was broken into a couple times in the past few weeks. The homeowner decides to defend his home and life. The end result is two intruders shot. Fox 2 has the details.

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