On This Martin Thing…

Or should I say Zimmerman thing. Here is the layout. Zimmerman saw a person acting suspiciously. He called 911 and proceeded to follow the person. His comments about Martin’s apparel and skin color were in response to 911 operator’s questions. Martin, who was armed only with much larger body size and skittles and watermelon fruit drink (not iced- tea… btw those are two of the ingredients in “lean” — look it up) decides he does not want Zimmerman following him and confronts Zimmerman. Martin breaks Zimmerman’s nose and knocks Zimmerman down. Martin then jumps on top of Zimmerman and starts banging Zimmerman’s head on the sidewalk. That is when Zimmerman pulled his gun and fired. This was not a “Stand Your Ground” issue, it was a plain and simple defending your life.

Ted Nugent has a pretty good summation of the situation. Catholic Online has the cleanest version. In the full interview, Ted goes a bit too far, in my opinion and his defense could be lost in the rhetoric.

Update: I came across a Bill Whittle commentary that is very good in explaining the whole thing. This is a MUST WATCH video

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