Stopping Mass Shootings/Murders

There has been a lot of buzz on the rash of mass shootings lately. There are several commonalities among them. Most of the shooters have had a history of mental illness. Most have had run ins with the law previously. Most have either given up, or committed suicide when confronted by someone else who is armed.

Even with mental illness, the shooters seem to know that “Gun Free Zones” are the best place to hit. That would indicate the mental illness was not fully in play.

But the point I want to focus on is the last point I made. They gave up when confronted. This adds to the argument that the better armed the society, the safer. BuzzFeed has an article about 9 recent cases where an armed citizenry who stopped mass shootings. Now, someone will argue in a couple cases, the armed citizen was an off-duty peace officer. Although that is correct, it reinforces the argument. They were OFF duty, and still carried a handgun! At that point they were just like a regular armed citizen. You could argue they are better trained, but regular armed citizens should also be trained. You need training to drive a car. Likewise you need training to properly use a firearm in defense. Read the article. It is a good read.

Get well Jim from The Gateway Pundit!

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