Civilian Armed With Handgun Saves 100’s In Nairobi

Another The Gateway Pundit (Get well Jim!) sends us to the carnage in that Nairobi mall. As it turns out, a former Marine (I know there are no “former” Marines — but this one is no longer on active duty) with a handgun single handedly rescued over 100 civilians from the mall in Nairobi. The Daily Mail has the details.

Additional note. There are conflicting reports whether this person was a Britt, or a Yank, but it really doesn’t matter. They are both bad-asses! And this is an example why. Once a Marine, always a Marine. In Randy Travis’ song, “Don’t Ever Sell Your Saddle”, there is a line that goes: “And you’ll know a hero from a coward
When you see which way they run.” Marine’s don’t run away! Imagine what the outcome would have been with 50 former Marines in that mall.

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