Intruder Enters Home Firing Weapon, Leaves Home Deceased

I’ve mentioned many times that if someone enters your home using violence, they have already established violent intent. Our friends at This Ain’t Hell has another example. In this case a group of intruders broke into a home and began shooting the place up. One resident in the home returned fire, striking and killing one of the intruders. No residents were harmed in the attempted robbery. WCMTV5 has more details.

If the residents had tried to call 911 and/or waited until the police arrived, they could very well be dead before help could get there. True, we don’t know they would have been killed, only they could have been killed. But remember their life depends on two things the intent of the invaders (which they can’t know), and their ability to neutralize the threat (which they do know). Always, always, always neutralize the threat.

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