Homeowner Defends Against Armed Intruder

Another story from my backyard and from Weasel Zippers. In Detroit a homeowner came home and was met by an armed thug. He pointed a gun at her head and ordered her in the house, but unknowing to him, she was armed. Evidently, as my friends atThis Ain’t Hell would say, she did her range time. She shot him seven times and he only got off one round, missing her. Detroit’s Fox 2 has the details.
Some folks would say that shooting someone seven times is a bit excessive. However, when facing an armed and deadly opponent, you don’t want to give them an opportunity to return fire. The object is to neutralize the threat. You don’t have the luxury of firing a round and waiting to see it’s effect. You have no choice but to fire until you KNOW the treat is over.

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