Homeowner Defends Against Armed Intruder

Another story from my backyard and from Weasel Zippers. In Detroit a homeowner came home and was met by an armed thug. He pointed a gun at her head and ordered her in the house, but unknowing to him, she was armed. Evidently, as my friends atThis Ain’t Hell would say, she did her range time. She shot him seven times and he only got off one round, missing her. Detroit’s Fox 2 has the details.
Some folks would say that shooting someone seven times is a bit excessive. However, when facing an armed and deadly opponent, you don’t want to give them an opportunity to return fire. The object is to neutralize the threat. You don’t have the luxury of firing a round and waiting to see it’s effect. You have no choice but to fire until you KNOW the treat is over.

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Homeowner Protects Family With 2nd Amendment

Weasel Zippers has a story from my backyard. A group of thugs breaks into a home. One of them was armed with a handgun. The homeowner grabs her rifle to protect her and her daughters. She fires, the thugs flee. Had she not had the gun, she and her daughters might not have been alive by the time the police arrived. Instead, there are three in custody, and a family safe. WXYZ has the details.

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Homeowner Killed For Answering The Door

I often post news of homeowners who use handguns to protect themselves from homeowners. The previous post of the homeowner who took his handgun with him to answer the door is typical. I also say that if intruders use force to enter your home, they will not hesitate to use force against you. This next tragedy, brought to us by Weasel Zippers is what happens when you can’t defend yourself and have to rely on law enforcement to protect you.

In Minnesota, a homeowner answered the door when someone started banging on it saying they were being chased. The homeowner first called 911 for the supposed victim then answered the door. When the police arrived, they found the homeowner shot and killed, by the supposed chase victim. The shooter was still in the home, and was arrested. The Daily Mail has more.

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Homeowner Uses 2nd Amendment To Defend Self

Another This Ain’t Hell lead. In Florida, a homeowner answered a knock at the door. The person attempted to force their way into the home, pulling a gun and firing into the house. The homeowner, who answered the door with his good friend Smith and Wesson, returned fire. The intruder left, but was later captured. PNJ.com has the details.

How many times do I have to say this. If someone is going to use force to enter your home, they WILL use force against you! But as always, as soon as they encounter armed resistance and a victim willing to use force against them, they flee. In this case, the intruder even dropped his handgun on the walkway. The encounter took only seconds. It was over before a call to 911 could be made.

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Intruder Enters Home Firing Weapon, Leaves Home Deceased

I’ve mentioned many times that if someone enters your home using violence, they have already established violent intent. Our friends at This Ain’t Hell has another example. In this case a group of intruders broke into a home and began shooting the place up. One resident in the home returned fire, striking and killing one of the intruders. No residents were harmed in the attempted robbery. WCMTV5 has more details.

If the residents had tried to call 911 and/or waited until the police arrived, they could very well be dead before help could get there. True, we don’t know they would have been killed, only they could have been killed. But remember their life depends on two things the intent of the invaders (which they can’t know), and their ability to neutralize the threat (which they do know). Always, always, always neutralize the threat.

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Gunman Threatens To Shoot Store Patrons, Store Patron Shoots Gunman

Weasel Zippers has a story from Orrville Alabama where a gunman enters a store and waves a gun around threatening to kill folks. One thing he didn’t count on. A patron of the store, legally carrying a concealed handgun pulled his own firearm and delivered a well-aimed shot to neutralize the threat. WSFA 12 has the details.

Here is another textbook case of an armed citizen stopping a mass killing.

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Mass Shooting Stopped By 2nd Amendment

Our friends at The Gateway Pundit have a story from Portland Oregon where a gunman started shooting in a club. An armed bystander pulled his own gun and shot and disabled the shooter. KGW has more.

As with all mass shootings, as soon as the shooter meets armed resistance, they either stop or commit suicide. How many lives would have been lost if we relied on waiting for the police to show up? Just one life is too many (as they always say).

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